Cong and BJP Insulted AP and Manmohan

Manmohan_Singh_pti-LThe Congress and the BJP were working hand in glove with each other in ignoring the interests of the people of Andhra Pradesh in the Upper House this week just like they did in the Lower House in 2014 in hurriedly pushing the things in the wake of the incoming general elections. 

W11hen the ever-colliding Treasury and Opposition benches collude, outcomes like the present one are not beyond one’s presentiment, though.

However, in this prolonged political drama, the BJP was exposed long ago. What clearly revealed this time are the Sonia-Rahul-led Congress party’s sincerity, and, equally importantly, the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statesmanship and spectatorship.

If Congress was truly assuming any importance to the issue of Special Category Status to Andhrapradesh, the concerns of the people of the state, it wouldn’t have fielded a mediocre KVP Ramachandra Rao (for the private member’s bill) who is better known for his ‘great service’ between 2004 and 2009 September than anything else.

With all political correctness, the best man to shoulder the task is none other than Manmohan Singh , yes, the man who made the promise of granting the Status to the residuary Andhrapradesh on the floor of the house in Prime Minister’s capacity in 2014. Individually, it is he himself that is burdened with the greatest political responsibility towards the people of Andhrapradesh.

When the grossly opportunistic Narendra Modi-led BJP, suffering from the power-bred arrogance, is dishonouring his word and, thus, questioning the authority he was bestowed upon as the (then) PM, it’s time for MMS to respond and stand up for his honour. And it’s also imperative for him to strive for the well-being of the people who are at receiving end now because of the unwise and hasty execution of a thought-out decision his government made.

The deployment of the purpose could have garnered even more support and attention to the cause. In that scenario, things’d have been much better. Then, the ruling party, having been pushed into defence, couldn’t have shrugged off its responsibility easily. That could have saved the face of  (one of my most respected PMs, painfully) and also that of Congress in Andhrapradesh.

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