1st Horror Comedy in Deccan Cinema : 127B


127B-deccanfilm-comDr. Seshu KMR directs 127B produced by Harish Chandra Chandak under Playback entertainment. This is the first Horror comedy and a suspense thriller in Deccan films. Dr. Seshu KMR is an associate of Legendary Film director Ram Gopal Varma for many films. He is a world record holder for innovating a new sound management system called Flowsound System, which was used in many feature films including many of RGV films. He is recognized for his rare combination of sound design and background music across Indian film industry.

127B is the directorial debut of Dr. Seshu KMR. His vast experience of 18 years in film industry and working with RGV, Krishna vamsi, Nana patekar, Manchu Vishnu and Annapurna studios and many more is an asset to the film and the team. This is the first Deccan film to be equipped with Flowsound system, says producer Harish Chandra Chandak.

127B is for surely a prestigious film for the entire state of Telangana, as this will create a nation wide impact in coming days says actor Aziz naser.

Horror comedy and suspense thrillers are very interesting to watch and 127B is for sure a amazing theatrical experience as it is equipped by Flowsound system and visually it’s the finest I have ever seen in our industry and Kundan the dop has done an good job says lead actor Mast ali.

Making a film like this at a very grand scale and experimenting on different genre neets lot of passion, intrest and guts, I thank the producer Harish Chandra chandak for getting everybody to the next level of deccan cinema says another lead actor Dheer charan srivastav( Ismail bhai).

127B Film Synopsis: Hyderabad and its old city, One Story that explores 3 people lives in the extremities of human behavior involving social and economical distress. A fight between myths, integrity and characters.

As the three friends find short way which can make them rich overnight. How this twisting ride does turns to a horrific experience and lands them into chaos. Three people’s adventure and what it leads to is a fun to watch story.

One story, two extremes, seven gates and Blind myth-127B

Banner : Playback Entertainment
Movie Name : 127B
Tag Line : Mission Impossible
Director : Dr. Seshu KMR
Cinematography : Kundan Sad
Dialoges : Husain Raza
Producer : Harish Chandra Chandak
Artists : Dheer Charan Srivastav (Ismail Bhai)
: Mast Ali, Henna Shaik
: Aziz Naser


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